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If you want to give your website users a good laugh, then you can link to Jokes@MyBlogsWeb from your blog or website. You can also simply link to our website if you find our website funny and useful and help us in promoting our site. You can use the links, banners or graphics listed below to link to us.

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Use these text links to quickly link to our site. Text links do not take up disk space and also load fast.

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Funny Jokes @ MyBlogsWeb <a href="">Funny Jokes</a> @ MyBlogsWeb
Jokes at MyBlogsWeb <a href="">Jokes</a> at MyBlogsWeb


You can also use the banners given below to link to our blog. Simply download the image and upload it to your web server and add a link to our jokes blog.


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If you want a custom banner designed specifically for your site, please contact us and we will make one for you.

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